In collaboration with a government-linked working body, Nissan is testing electric mobility in India along with Thailand and Indonesia

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Nissan thinks mid-sized vehicles will be more relevant for this technology initially

It seems not only the government but also various other organisations are toiling themselves towards making India all-electric in the near future. Nissan, the brand which is in partnership with a working body linked to the Indian government, has been testing its e-Power technology in the country which involves examination of electric vehicles. However, the testing is not India specific as it will lead to enhancing the technology across Asia.

Along with India, countries such as Thailand and Indonesia are also one of the testing grounds of Nissan’s revolutionary technology. However, a spokesperson commented that among others, India is considered as the country with the highest potential for implementing e-Power.

Talking about the vehicles which are being readied by this group, it consists of electric motors to power the vehicles but, it also incorporates a gasoline setup to charge when the electric motors run out of power. This will eventually prevent the need of charging these cars at charge stations. That’s quite unconventional. Since the company and government are still thinking over the practicality of implementing this technology around us, too much additional information wasn’t revealed.

Speaking on the electric mobility and its link with the Indian market, a top official from Nissan said, “We see a great potential for this technology in the Indian market. Clearly, the long-term strategy is to go for electrification (of automobiles) in Asia.” He also stated that the offerings from Nissan and Datsun which will be introduced in the coming days will be based on this tech.

If everything goes as planned, we will get to see electric vehicles soon in India as the spokesperson pointed it will be easily used in mid-sized vehicles initially rather than premium cars. And, this is the segment which is the most adopted in the country. Also, Nissan finds its intelligent mobility strategy relevant for the Indian market.

Nissan e-Power Technology

-Nissan is testing electric mobility in India, Indonesia and Thailand
-The company considers India as a potential market for this technology
-By 2020, Nissan is expecting 5 percent market share from India for its vehicles

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Datsun and Nissan will be introducing electric vehicles in India in the near future