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The Nissan Micra might not have set the sales chart on fire in India, but it sure has globally. The Japanese automaker has sold more than 6 million (60 lakh) units of the Micra since its launch way back in 1982. Also known as the March in some markets, the Nissan Micra is sold over 70 countries in the world with production being done in India, China, Mexico and Thailand. A feat worth acknowledging for Nissan, we are still waiting for the sale of the 1 lakhth Micra in India, which is a fantastic car but not promoted as well as the Volkswagen Polo.

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“Six million units sold tell us the Micra/March has a track record of success. With over 28 years’ experience producing compact cars, we want our customers to enjoy the maximum value of the new Nissan Micra/March together with its new technologies. With the newly-developed V-platform shared between two new models being produced, reduced vehicle weight and new aerodynamics have contributed to fuel economy performance that is among the best in its class,” Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Micra/March’s chief vehicle engineer, said.

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