Nissan India has discontinued the Teana due to poor sales and strong competition in the D-segment. This is the third discontinuation after the 370Z and X-Trail were axed last year.

2012 Nissan Teana
The Nissan Teana never managed to hold a candle against its rivals

You read it first on MotorBeam. The Nissan Teana has had a bumpy ride in India despite being a comfortable luxury vehicle competing in the D-segment. The brother-sister combo of Nissan X-Trail and Teana didn’t work well since the beginning of Nissan’s innings in India. While the X-Trail has been discontinued long time back, the Teana has been sneaked away recently and it’s evident from their official website. What went against it was the timing of its introduction to India. When the Nissan Teana was launched, the Honda Accord was ruling the roost in that segment at the time when majority of the market was petrol friendly.

Later, while the brand awareness of Nissan was building, they introduced an updated version of the Teana with a longer list of convenience features, more power and some cosmetic changes. This time again the Teana didn’t manage to get noticed because of buyers’ inclination towards diesel powered cars and the Teana was offered with a petrol engine only. The Skoda Superb was climbing the charts rapidly this time for its frugal and fast diesel engine offered with German luxury and acres of space.

In 2014, Nissan dispatched only 15 units of the Teana compared to 1336 units sold of the Skoda Superb. Powering the Nissan Teana is a 2.5-litre V6 petrol engine that produces 182 BHP of maximum power at 6000 RPM with 228 Nm of peak torque at 4400 RPM, mated to a CVT automatic transmission. The Nissan Teana XL version was priced at Rs. 21.03 lakhs and range topping XV version for Rs. 24.89 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). In the international market, Nissan has introduced the third generation Teana but it’s not going to hit Indian shores. Instead, Nissan is concentrating on the lower end of the market with locally manufactured products, the Teana was a CKD.

Nissan won’t introduce the third generation Teana in India