The Honda Civic sold 375 units in November 2019.

Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Comparo
The Maruti Dzire and the Honda Amaze take top 2 positions in the compact sedan segment

It seems like sedans are slowing losing their sheen in the market due to the never-ending buzz around SUVs. In November 2019, 3 out of 4 segments – Compact sedans, executive sedans and premium sedans have cumulatively recorded a steep decline. It is only the luxury sedan segment that has shown improvement when compared to the figures of last month.

Compact Sedan Sales Nov'19

The bread and butter of the compact sedan segment is the Maruti Dzire. With a -16% YoY on its report card, the Dzire is at the top position again after selling 17,659 units in November 2019. Here’s something interesting, this compact segment has single-handedly sold more than all other sedans from all segments put together!

The Honda Amaze comes 2nd with 3286 units in its kitty and a decline of 32%. The only positive YoY on this list is at the 5th position scored by the Volkswagen Ameo. The Ford Aspire degrew by the steepest -70% and takes the second last position while the Tata Zest settles at the bottom.

Executive Sedan Segment Sales Nov'19

The executive sedan segment scored a cumulative -35% in October 2019. In November 2019, the segment has further fallen to -46% with only 2 out of 8 cars recording positive figures. The top spot is taken by the Hyundai Verna but with a negative 21%. The Honda City is a close second after selling 1500 units in the same time period. Interestingly, last month frontrunner, the Maruti Ciaz is at the 3rd position this month. The Volkswagen Vento records the first positive YoY figure i.2 23% at the 5th position while the Fiat Linea is stagnant with 0 on the board.

Premium Sedan Segment Sales Nov'19

In the premium sedan segment, the Honda Civic retains the top position after selling 375 units in November 2019. At its tail is the Skoda Octavia at 217 units while the Toyota Corolla is a far third with just 76 units sold. The Hyundai degrew -56% with just 34 units out of the showrooms. Meanwhile, the segment recorded a modest 23% growth cumulatively.

Luxury Sedan Sales Nov'19

At last, we have the luxury sedan segment. The Skoda Superb tops the chart again with 167 units and the highest YoY growth of 117%. Right after this is the Toyota Camry with a little more than half the numbers of the Superb. Volkswagen failed to get even a single Passat out of the showrooms this month while the Honda Accord continues to be tucked down at the bottom.

November 2019 Sedan Sales

– The Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Verna, Honda Civic and Skoda Superb are the winners of their segments
– Barring luxury sedans, the segment as a whole recorded lower sales than last month
– 3 cars rake in 0 sales

Hyundai Verna Pros Cons Hindi
The Hyundai Verna outsold the Honda City and the Maruti Ciaz in November 2019