Safety issues of Bajaj’s 200cc offerings have come under immense scrutiny in the past couple of days. Now a picture of a Pulsar 200 NS’ broken alloy wheel has surfaced.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Broken Alloy
The 200 NS, AS 200 and RS 200 use the same alloy wheel

After much of the recent controversy surrounding the alloy wheel and handlebar problems of the Pulsar RS 200 motorcycle, it seems that the same problem persists on the company’s other products as well. Following the breaking of alloy wheels on the KTM Duke 390 and the Pulsar RS 200, a Pulsar 200 NS’ front alloy wheel has also broken. That’s right! Well, this was more or less expected due to the fact that both the Pulsars are fitted with the same alloy wheels and these most certainly have been manufactured by the same parts supplier as well.

The breaking of alloy wheels for no major reason as such is a very alarming issue but Bajaj has acknowledged it and is looking into the matter. The company has already sent a team of engineers to look into the Pulsar RS 200’s case. The Pulsar 200 NS’ case is not entirely known but the rest of the bike looks relatively spot free and the broken alloy wheel seems to have caused the crash rather than the case being the other way around. Even if it was the other way around, the alloy wheels should not break under heavy pressure, leave alone cracking.

A manufacturing defect of the alloy wheels comes across as the main cause for these incidents. This might not be Bajaj Auto’s fault and the supplier is to blame but higher quality control at the comapany could prevent such things from happening. We sincerely hope that all the issues regarding the safety of Bajaj bikes is taken up very seriously by the company’s officials and resolved at the earliest because the average Indian customer has now started to look at safety aspects quite seriously.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Broken Alloy
Ironically all such cases are surfacing at the same time

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