The Ola S1 Pro was set ablaze by its owner after he reportedly faced recurring complaints and erratic range

In what could be considered as a height of anger, a physiotherapist based out of Ambur, Tamil Nadu, has set ablaze his just 3-month-old Ola S1 Pro scooter. Prithiviraj, who runs his physiotherapy clinic on Ambur Bypass Road, had bought his Ola S1 Pro for local commutes and errands.

While purchasing the scooter, he has been reportedly assured a real-world range in the ball park of 120 km. But, unfortunately, it seems he didn’t get the required numbers as per the brand’s claims. According to Prithiviraj, the scooter had been already serviced thrice since purchase for undisclosed complaints.

On the day of the incident, the Physiotherapist was on his way back from work and the scooter had reportedly stopped moving at Lakshmiyammalpuram, a small hamlet in Melpatti Panchayat, leaving him stuck in a remote area without basic necessities.

According to him, the scooter ran just 44 km from full charge heightening his anger that lead setting it ablaze.

Ola S1 Pro Set Ablaze
The Ola scooter that was set ablaze

This is the third time Ola is in the news for wrongs reason as just a few days back, the father of an accident victim complained that the regenerative brakes of his son’s Ola S1 Pro failed causing the accident.

But, Ola quickly addressed the issue by providing the scooter’s on-board sensor data stating that the accident was not because of the failure of the brakes but due to the victim over-speeding and panic braking.

Last month, an Ola S1 Pro parked on the road suddenly caught fire and was completely consumed in the flames. Later, Ola began its internal investigation and said the incident was an isolated one as its batteries comply with AIS 156, the latest regulation for batteries in the country, and ECE 136, the standard in Europe.

Currently, the brand has issued a recall for 1441 units of its scooter to conduct a detailed diagnostics and health check before handing them back to the respective customers.