The WOW car will be travelling to 20 cities for the next 10 months and will provide free Wi-Fi connectivity to anyone for 20 minutes everyday.

Opera Web On Wheels Car
India is Opera’s biggest market worldwide with the highest number of users

It isn’t surprising that one of the largest populations globally, India is turning out to be quite an internet savvy nation with the new age smartphones allowing better network reach and accessibility even in the most remote parts. A major influence in this transition has been the Opera Mini browser that was one of the first online mobile browsers people used. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the company wants more Indians to join the network and has hence rolled out the ‘Web On Wheels’ car that will provide free internet across the nation.

Currently only 19 percent Indians use the internet on their mobile devices and Opera wants to encourage and educate more people about the same with its initiative. Modelled over the HM Ambassador, the specially equipped Web on Wheels (WOW) car will be providing free Wi-Fi connectivity over the next 10 months. The WOW car will be travelling across the country covering 20 cities including Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and Allahabad, wherein the car will be stationed at multiple locations every day for 20 days each.

For those who want to experience the internet on their mobile devices, users can walk up to the WOW car in their city and connect to the Opera Wi-FI connection. The connection will provide internet access for the next 20 minutes each day and users are allowed to use the service as per any wish or for any website they like. There is no download limit either. The WOW car is an initiative to bring more members towards mobile browsing and is certainly an interesting method to communicate the idea, exposing users to a whole new world.

HM Ambassador
The Ambassador represents India in a way and is an apt choice to be the WOW car