Protests, rallies, indefinite fasts and strikes have become a very common scene in India and so is the Government used to it and has its own ways of dealing it. When such things take place in a corporate or private sector things do come to a standstill on a major front. The recent Maruti Suzuki workers strike at the Manesar plant grabbed the eyeballs of everybody and was spreading like wildfire.

The strike caused Maruti some real huge loses and their hot cake car Swift along with others had to see a waiting period which is now almost half a year. This whole incident not only angered Maruti but also their partner Suzuki. Suzuki chairman Osamu Suzuki told representatives of Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union, the company’s elected workers union that “Indiscipline will not be not tolerated, not in Japan, not in India. It is never in the interest of any company and its people.”

Maruti Suzuki being the number one car company in India had to undergo a lot of negotiations with the workers and also handle the buyers who are waiting for their car delivery let alone the monetary losses the company has faced. With production at an all time low, buyers are having to wait long for their cars to come. The company on an average produces 1,200 cars a day at the Manesar plant. During the past 11 days of the stir, Maruti’s output was down by 11,000 units, valued at over Rs. 550 crore.

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