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Over the last 10 days, petrol has become costlier by around Re. 1/- across metros

Domestic petrol price saw a hike across the nation today, with the top four metros witnessing a 9-10 paise increase overnight.

Retail price of petrol in Delhi stands at Rs. 81.83/- today, a 10 paise hike from yesterday (26th August). Over the past 10 days, the price of petrol has been increased to the tune of Rs. 1.10/- in Delhi.

In Mumbai, petrol price hike was to the tune of 9 paise today and is currently sold at Rs. 88.48/- per litre. Once again, over the past 10 days, the price of liquid gold increased by over Re. 1/-.

Chennai too saw a 9 paise increase overnight, and customers have to pay the asking price which is Rs. 84.82/- per litre. As with other metros in the country, petrol has become dearer by about Re. 1/- (95 paise to be precise) over the last 10 days in Chennai as well.

It was a similar case in Kolkata, where petrol price hike was to the tune of 9 paise overnight and the fuel is sold at Rs. 83.33/-. It is to be noted that no change was made to the petrol prices across the nation on 26th August.

When it comes to diesel however, no price difference has been witnessed over the past ten days. Today’s diesel prices in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai are Rs. 78.86/-, Rs. 73.56/-, Rs. 77.06/- and Rs. 80.11/-, respectively.

The petrol price hike can be attributed to factors such as the varying price of crude oil, foreign exchange rate, among others.

Oil prices were mixed during early trade today as US oil rigs and refineries shut due to the incoming of a massive storm in the Gulf of Mexico. As far as foreign exchange rate is concerned, one USD is valued at Rs. 74.36/- (by 4.45 am today).

Petrol Price Hike

  • Petrol price on a rising trend across the nation
  • Rates increased by 9-10 paise across top metros today
  • However, on the positive side, diesel prices remain unchanged
Petrol Price Hike
Diesel fuel prices did not witness any change across the nation