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Petrol rate in Delhi reaches Rs. 77.28 while diesel rate hits Rs. 75.79!

Petrol price and diesel price considerably increased across the country over the past 11 days. Since 7th June, fuel prices are consistently increasing every day in India with a total of 11 hikes.

The cumulative increase for the past 11 days for petrol is Rs. 6.02 per litre and diesel is Rs. 6.40 per litre. The latest hike of fuel price saw petrol increasing by 55 paise per litre while diesel increased by 60 paise per litre.

Rates have increased across the country. It depends from state to state considering the local tax along with VAT. However, in Delhi, the petrol rate currently stands at Rs. 77.28 per litre and diesel Rs. 75.79 litre.

That’s the narrowest gap in petrol and diesel pricing we have ever witnessed. Could you ever imagine a price difference of just Rs. 1.49 between petrol and diesel?

The govt hiked excise duty on petrol and diesel in mid-March and soon after freeze in rates was imposed. Now after 82 days, from 7th June, oil companies restarted changing prices in line with costs.

Previously, instead of passing on the excise duty increase to customers, oil companies adjusted excise hike against the fall in the retail rates because of the fall in international oil prices.

Petrol Price

  • Petrol rates went up by 55 paise per litre on Wednesday
  • Total price hike from the last 11 days is Rs. 6.02 for petrol
  • In Delhi currently, the price of petrol is Rs. 77.28 per litre

Diesel Price

  • Diesel rates have gone up by 60 paise per litre on Wednesday
  • Total price increased by Rs. 6.40 from the last 11 days for diesel
  • Diesel rate in Delhi currently stands at Rs. 75.79 per litre
Automobiles Price Rise
The fuel rates are consistently going up since the last 11 days straight