Vehicle Recall Norms
If identical complaints are made by consumers, then a recall will have to be issued

A new formula with regards to faulty vehicle recall norms has been approved by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

By way of this new procedure, mandatory recall of a particular model has to be made by manufacturers if complaints of identical defects are made by consumers.

The percentage of complaints received from vehicle owners and the annual sales volume of the faulty model in question will be taken into consideration before the recall is set in motion.

Thus, the percentage of complaints needed to issue a recall of a model that sells in large numbers will be less, in comparison to a model that sells in lower numbers, according to the new vehicle recall norms.

However, the mandatory recall will be limited to vehicles which are less than seven years old from the date of manufacturing, import or retro fitment.

While the provision for voluntary and mandatory vehicle recall has been made a part of the Motor Vehicles Act, it is also said that Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has given the go ahead for the plan.

Vehicle Recall Norms

  • MoRTH has revised the formula for faulty vehicle recall
  • Identical complaints made by consumers will trigger a recall now
  • Union Road Transport Minister has also approved the plan
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Mandatory recall will be issued for vehicles not more than seven years old

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