Both industry-specific giants are working together on a self-driving air taxi.

Porsche And Boeing Flying Car Prototype
A representative image of how the prototype is probably going to look like

Well, just a month after Porsche debuted their first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan, the company has come up with this. The German automobile manufacturer is definitely in no mood to limit their progress. Porsche is into a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding with Boeing to explore the feasibility of electric aircraft which are capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).

We will be looking forward to a prototype for a ‘premium’ commercial passenger drone. Engineers from Boeing, Porsche and Aurora Flight Sciences (Boeing’s subsidiary) will collectively work on the designing of this project. Porsche not only wants to be a sports car manufacturer, but also a leading brand for premium mobility. This makes it very clear that they plan to conquer the air space as well.

Currently, Porsche approximately accounts for 31.6% of the profits of the Volkswagen Group. Porsche’s consulting forecast estimates that commercial passenger drones will start to come into service in first world countries by 2025. By the end of 2034, the market would expand to a whopping worth of $32 billion.

Meanwhile, Boeing has already inaugurated one of their prototypes which can accommodate 2-4 passengers and fly for the range of 50 kms. This tie-up is going to face some prospective rivalry from Airbus, which has also showcased a prototype in partnership with Audi.

In some parts of America, Uber is already providing short-distance commuter helicopter services. However, we can’t consider them to be proper alternatives because of the high-costing that runs with them. One thing is clear for sure, technology is going to turn this world into what we see in the cyber-futuristic games and movies, isn’t that correct?


– Porsche accounts for 31.6% of profits of the Volkswagen group
– Aurora Flight Sciences will also help in the development
– Uber already provides short-distance helicopter services

Porsche And Boeing Flying Car
The announcement comes just a month after the Taycan’s debut