The all-new P’9522 is the result of yet another team-up between French cell-phone maker Sagem and Porsche Design. Even though its styling looks the product of a one-night stand between a Sony-Ericcson candybar and an iPhone, overall, the iPorsche err, we mean the P’9522 is pretty good looking.

The candybar which is carved from an aluminum block also comes equipped with decent features like a 5 Megapixels digital camera, a large 2.8-inch touch screen, GPS, a WiFi connector and even a MicroSD fingerprint reader that allows users to be authenticated by fingerprints.

Oddly enough, the Sagem-developed P’9522 doesn’t come with 3G support but we doubt anyone will care. The Porsche-branded cell phone is expected to go on sale in France in November with other markets following shortly after. Justifying its Porsche name, the P’9522 will be priced in France at €600 or about $865 US.