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As a petrol head there must be a specific car that you wish to own. No matter how old it must be, it has to be a part of your garage one day. That’s when a car becomes a classic. Owning a classic car is far different from admiring it. You could either choose to find a scrap and rebuild it or find a completely restored model and drive it into the sunset.
In either case, we suggest understanding the pros and cons of owning a classic and then taking a decision.

Pros –

1. Style

Modern cars look the same, feel the same and more or less drive the same as well, which is also because most of them share parts with each other. But a classic car is in a whole lot different ball park. Its looks only appreciate with age and will always turn more heads than the average modern car. Classic cars have a personality of their own and that will surely rub off on the owner as well. Be prepared to look a lot suave when driving a classic car.

2. Attention

You pull up in a classic car and immediately everyone goes *Click* *Click* *Click*. People who you don’t know are coming up and meeting you, everyone wants to take a picture. You feel like the newest celebrity on the block. Well that’s actually for the classic car. Driving a classic will surely make you the talking point wherever you go. Expect some drooling as well. You will definitely be slipped in phone numbers, while your new friends will want a ride in your car.

3. Drive

Modern cars pay emphasis on lowering the NVH levels, but a classic car was designed in a time when these weren’t so important. Expect to hear the sound of the exhaust note coming into the cabin. Classic cars are devoid of creature comforts and you play a more significant role as the driver. You actually have control of what you are doing with the car. A classic car is about the drive, not the destination.

4. Emotional appeal

There could be a number of reasons you chose to own a classic car. For some it could be the timeless design or the vintage factor, while for some it could take them back to their days of glory. Certain cars have that kind of a feeling, you may have your childhood spent in the back seats of the car, or could be your first car that you bought from your pay check. The reasons are endless. The emotional value of the car for you supersedes the purchase price, maintenance costs and other factors. You cannot put a price on that feeling.

5. Appreciating Value

Unlike modern cars that lose their value the second you drive out of the showroom. Classic cars hold their value in the long term. Whereas some classic cars might also appreciate in value, as long as they are maintained and taken care of. West is seeing classic cars as a new kind of investment that will certainly provide returns after a decade. The demand for American and European classics is far higher amongst the new millionaires in Asian countries and will certainly see the value appreciating in the coming years.

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Cons –

1. Maintenance expenses

A completely restored classic car will not only come with a high initial purchase cost, but the maintenance could also be on the higher side. If you opt for restoring it, sourcing parts could be a huge headache and could take months before you can actually use the car on roads. You will also have to take it to a specialized mechanic who would make the necessary changes for you from time to time. Obviously the service comes at a price far higher than conventional modern cars.

2. Unreliability

Classic cars are known to be unreliable because of the number of years they come with. This also depends on how the owner chooses to maintain the car. Just like a modern car, classics also need the regular maintenance and tune up and would work well with timely attention. A classic car could also be a huge gas guzzler, so expect to take a huge hit in terms of fuel efficiency.

3. Expensive Spares

The spares would also be rather expensive and you may even have to get custom parts fabricated specifically for your car. Some parts may have to be ordered from other countries online and that would include also paying custom duties for the parts along with the purchase cost. There is also a huge problem of rust as well with the classics since they were built of steel as opposed to the alloy bodies of today’s cars.

4. Lack of Safety

Classic cars do not comply with the safety standards of today. They come from an era gone by and were not designed for the roads and speeds we drive at today. Many classic cars do not even come with seat belts and with a weak structure and lack of crumple zones are not really safe for driving. It is better to use a modern car, if your family travels with you.

5. Pollution

Classic cars are also the most polluting kinds, because of the age and the condition of the engine. You will also have to pay green tax which will also add to the overall cost of the classic car. There is also the other problem of actually driving the car. While some may want to use it over the weekend, there are a few who only bring it out of the garage as rare as only once a year.

Before you consider purchasing a classic, spend reasonable time looking for a good one. There are plenty of people who may fleece you with shoddy body work or giving you the wrong car with replaced panels. If you plan to restore it yourself, make sure you first look out for a specialist in restoration who can help you with all the details needed on the car. You don’t want a piece or scrap in your garage after all.

Owning a classic car is much more about the heart then the head. So if you feel that purchasing one will make you happy, don’t think twice, go for it and make your experience the amazing drive. Let us know your most revered classic car that you wish to own in the comments section below.

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