Foggy Windscreen

Window fog builds because of the difference in temperatures on the outside and inside of the car. When temperatures drop inside the cabin with the air-con blowing cool air, the air can’t hold the moisture and much of it is deposited on your windscreen and windows. Fogging also happens when the temperatures on the outside are cooler than that of the inside. The moisture is deposited on the front and rear windscreen causing the visibility to drop drastically. It is a common issue during the winters and the monsoons, which is a potential safety hazard.

Switch on the Air-Conditioning

Ford EcoSport Climate Control
If your view has been blinded by fogging on the windscreen, use the air conditioner on the ventilation mode and adjust the speed of the blowers to the maximum. You need to direct the vents towards the windscreen and the air will evaporate the water condensed. To clear up the fog on the windows, just roll up and down the windows and the rubber lining will clear the fog.

Use the De-fogger

Windscreen Defogger
De-foggers are available on some cars and if your car does have this feature, make sure you use it. It will clear the rear windscreen by passing an electric current through a thin wire stuck on to the windscreen and enhance your visibility.

Open the windows from time to time to offset the difference in temperature that will make the fogging to evaporate. You can also use a micro fibre cloth to wipe off the fog on your windscreen. There are also other methods like rubbing a half cut potato on the windscreen, but it has seldom shown results.