Pulsar 375 SS

The whole world might believe this bike is the Pulsar 200 SS but we disagree. The spied Pulsar is definitely the 375 as the equipment it is carrying doesn’t make sense on the 200 at all. The case in point being the pricing. With all these features in the Pulsar 200, a Rs. 30,000/- hike is bound to happen, robbing away the VFM proposition from the Pulsar and putting the KTM Duke 200 in jeopardy. Besides Bajaj Auto has already confirmed that two new Pulsars will be arriving soon, one being a high capacity model while the other being a sub-200cc.

We can see a nice full fairing has been given to the Pulsar 375 with other panels seeing a revision too. The underbelly exhaust has been replaced by a conventional unit while the front sports twin projector headlights. A large windscreen will help in reducing wind resistance at high speeds and clip-on handle bars have been added as well. But the changes don’t end here as Bajaj Auto has also given the Pulsar 375 SS steel braided lines along with ABS. It makes no sense for Bajaj to re-position the exhaust on the 200 SS from the 200 NS, nor does it make sense to offer ABS on the P200 while not giving it to the Duke 200. Thus this Pulsar is definitely a higher capacity model.

Bajaj Auto is likely to give the Pulsar 375 a fuel injected engine based on the Duke 390 which will produce a power output of around 40 BHP (32 Nm of torque). The tyres, wheels, chassis, cluster will be identical to the 200 NS on which the P375 is based. The mirrors are new though which should help in better rear visibility for all types of riders. Expect the Pulsar 375 SS to be priced at Rs. 1.70 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), competing with the Honda CBR250R. A naked version of the Pulsar 375 might be launched later.

New Pulsar 375 SS

Pulsar 375 SS 2014

Bajaj Pulsar 375 SS

2014 Pulsar 375 SS

Pictures Source – Nitin Aggarwal