Rainforest Challenge 2013

Motorsport is finally gaining momentum in India. Formula 1 coming to the country made way for the track enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite sport. But now the off-roaders can rejoice and have a platform to showcase their skills and endurance levels with one of the world’s reputed 4×4 off-road event the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India. The hardcore motorsport has come to the country in collaboration with Cougar Motorsport which conducts off-road events in India for manufacturers like Land Rover and Mitsubishi.

Rainforest Challenge was first launched in the jungles of Malaysia back in 1997 with an aim to give a platform to off-roading enthusiasts who wish to compete with other like-minded people. RFC has immensely grown of the years with people from all-over the world have come to take part in one of the 10 toughest motor races of the world. The competitors are taken through mud drenching rain, steep slippery slopes deep ruts, gullies, flooded rivers, and landslides. The event over the years has also been launched in other countries such as Russia, Italy, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, China and Australia and now plans to cater to Indian fans.

The participants will have to complete 30 special stages designed by experts from Malaysia with the intention of completing the stages in the fastest time and scoring highest points. The stages are divided in 3, commencing with Prologue stage followed by Predator and Terminator. The final stage will be the Twilight Zone, where the contestants will have an overnight drive across the uncharted territory.

RFC India will be held over a period of 10 days from 7th – 17th August and will see teams struggling to survive through the rugged terrains of the rain forest of western India. The event is expecting a turnout of over 50 teams both Indian and international to participate in the event. RFC is not only about winning the race, but also about testing yourself and putting yourself to the extreme limits. It’s not only about physical endurance but mental strength and facing uncertainty at every possible occasion.

The registrations for RFC India 2014 has commenced for 4×4 enthusiasts. Aspiring participants can download the entry forms from the website – www.rfcindia.in

Cougar Motorsport Rainforest Challenge Flag