The custom makeover costs Rs. 3 lakhs including the price of the RE Classic 350.

RE Classic 350 Modified Front
The bike gets new LED headlight, turn indicators and fog lights

For those of you who have the RE Classic 350 but don’t have enough money to own a Harley Davidson Fat Boy, don’t worry because 16 Moto performance has got you covered. You can now get your RE Classic 350 modified to look like the Fat Bob at a cost of Rs. 3 lakhs which includes the cost of the bike. So, in effect, if you already own the Classic 350, you will only have to shell out about Rs. 1.5 lakhs for the complete customisation.

Visually, the bike gets a custom red, silver, and black metallic paint scheme, new handlebars, twin exhaust canisters and a custom fuel tank that surely make the bike look like the Fat Boy. The new metal ‘Lakester’ wheels on the front and on the rear give the bike that cruiser appeal. The bike now gets a radiator too. However, it is there just for design purposes and doesn’t provide any cooling effect to the engine.

Furthermore, the redesigned front and rear fenders, side panels and all the mountings are hand-crafted in-house by 16 Moto Performance. The modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 also gets a quilted seat and a custom backrest for a comfortable ride.

In the electrical department too, there are new bits and pieces all over. It now features aftermarket LED fog lights, indicators and taillights. All of these make the bike look like what it is trying to be, the HD Fat Bob.

Mechanically though, the bike remains completely unchanged. It will continue to be powered by the same 346cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled motor that uses carburetted fuelling. The engine has a peak power of 19.8 HP at 5250 RPM and pulls with 28 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 RPM. The 5-speed gearbox transferring the power to the rear wheels through a chain drive also remains untouched. The drum brake at the rear however gets an upgrade and has been replaced by a RE sourced disc brake.

Though the front & rear foot pegs, the chassis and the front suspension remain untouched, they by no means look out of place. However, it is unfair to compare this bike with the original HD Fat Boy.

 RE Classic 350 Modified

– The bike has been modified to look like the Harley Davidson Fat Boy
– Total cost including that of the bike comes to Rs. 3 lakhs/-
– It is mostly a visual upgrade
– The bike gets a new suspension and disc brakes on the rear

RE Classic 350 Modified Rear
New taillight, turn indicators, fender, twin exhaust canisters, ‘Lakester’ tyre and a backrest complete the setup on the rear

Source – 16 Moto Performance