RE is now offering official alloy wheels for the Classic and Thunderbird.

Royal Enfield Alloy Wheels
The alloy wheels are priced at Rs. 10,000/- without fitting charges

Royal Enfield has officially added alloy wheels as an accessory for the Classic 350, Classic 500, Thunderbird 350 and Thunderbird 500 motorcycles. The alloy wheels are priced at Rs. 10,000/-. The wheels are machine finished and have reached several dealers in Maharashtra.

The alloy wheels are also updated on the accessory list of the company’s website and can be used with both standard tube-type and tubeless tyres. This will allow the owners of the Classic and the Thunderbird to upgrade from their wire-spoked wheels. The alloy wheels come with a two-year warranty as well.

The machine-finished 9-spoke alloy wheels can already be seen on the Thunderbird X models. They might be in fact the same wheels which are now offered as an accessory for their other motorcycles. We might also see alloy wheel options for the Royal Enfield interceptor 650 and the Continental GT650 in future.

RE Thunderbird Alloy Wheels

– The machine-finished alloy wheels are available with several dealers priced at Rs. 10,000/-
– The existing spoke-wheels can be swapped with the alloys
– The wheels are meant for the Classic and Thunderbird series

Royal Enfield Alloys
The alloy wheels carry a 9-spoke design and a machined finish