A recent video has surfaced on the Royal Enfield YouTube channel, which shows a very interesting custom motorcycle. The company calls it the RE Himalayan MJR Roach, and it comes with a turbocharger.

While Royal Enfield showcased this Himalayan at London’s 2019 ‘Bike Shed Show’, labelled as MJR Roach, they have now posted an official video showcasing the custom bike.

Going by the design, a stance of aggressiveness is present with rugged styling. The bike is modified to such an extent that one cannot identify it as a Royal Enfield or Himalayan if it didn’t have the badging.

The MJR Roach gets unique-looking four-pod projector lights, a long, low chassis and Continental TKC 80 tyres which make it a standout motorcycle. The windscreen of the stock model has also undergone change and there is a custom panel instead of it, just above the headlamps.

Among other standout things is the premium single-sided swingarm that replaces the twin-sided setup. The custom motorcycle also gets twin-exhausts, which you can hear growling in the video itself. A front fork support structure from a Royal Enfield Continental GT fused with the Himalayan’s body is also present.

On the performance front, there is no word officially. But, thanks to the turbocharger, we expect it to produce much more power than the normal Royal Enfield Himalayan.

The Himalayan currently gets a BS6-compliant 411cc, single-cylinder, FI engine with air/oil cooling, that churns out 24.3 HP of maximum power and 32 Nm of peak torque.

The motorcycle seems to take on the apocalypse in the video and after seeing the changes it gets; it is surely capable of it too. Would you want the Royal Enfield Himalayan MJR Roach as your steed during the apocalypse?

RE Himalayan MJR Roach

  • Royal Enfield revealed a video of the custom-built Himalayan MJR Roach, and it gets a turbocharger
  • The bike looks completely overhauled as it gets four-pod headlamps, new chassis, single-sided swingarm, twin exhausts, etc.
  • Royal Enfield calls the bike apocalypse ready, and it looks like they built it exactly for that
Royal Enfield Himalayan MJR Roach 3
The motorcycle comes from RE’s Custom Build department
Royal Enfield Himalayan MJR Roach 1
The four-pod headlamps seem to be the reason for the ‘Roach’ tag