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The revised norms will probably make way for much safer yet affordable helmets for the daily commuters

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has put up a new notification regarding the revised helmet norms for 2-wheelers. 

These norms will be effective from 4th September 2020, and they will permit the sale of imported helmets, though they will still have to comply with the mandatory ISI standards.

Why is this important? Because the previous weight limit, 1.5 kgs, was reduced to 1.2 kgs recently. Consequently, it became a hindrance to the sale of heavier foreign helmets.

For reference, the most common helmets seen in the market, like the MT range and LS2 range, all weigh around the 1.3-1.4 kgs mark, thus making them ‘illegal’.

While the revised helmet norms will promote the import of foreign helmets, the manufacturers will have to comply with the compulsory ISI standards within six months of this notification. After this period, the sale of non-ISI helmets will be an offence.

We think this is a much-needed revision, as the use of personal transport has increased exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To conclude, this may also make room for localised production of high-end helmets which might make them affordable. Considering that 2-wheeler riders are most vulnerable to mishaps on the road, this is a positive step in the promotion of buying safer helmets for both the rider and the pillion.

P.S.- It also means that you’ll spend less time explaining to cops how your SHARP or SNELL helmets are much safer than other helmets, even if they don’t have an ISI sticker on it. Win-win for all?

Revised Helmet Norms

  • The BSI has revised the previous helmet norms, previously the weight limit was 1.2 kgs for helmets
  • Manufacturers will have to comply with the compulsory IS standards within six months of this notification
  • The revised norms will promote the sale of imported helmets
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Even the safest helmets are illegal in the eyes of the law currently, good thing that we have the new norms coming