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One sets the record and the other breaks it. But what makes it more interesting is when a record is broken more often in a lesser span of time. This indirectly means that there is a craze, a craving people have, to break such a record. One of the popular world records of such a kind which is hotly contested is the ‘Tightest parallel parking’ title in the Guinness Book of World records. And the interesting thing about this is, in the last two years the record has changed hands five times.

Previously, it was Ronny Wechselberger from Germany who set a record by parking a Volkswagen Polo in a space measuring 26 cm longer than that of his car. But the same was broken when Zheng Da Zong from China did the same but with a gap of 24 cm. Then was the winner from Italy, Patrick Folco, who broke the record at 22 cm. This time the record was again broken and surprisingly with a remarkable gap. Han Yue from China elegantly drifted a Mini Cooper S into a space of just 15 cm longer than his vehicle. This was performed at the Beijing launch of a new special edition of the British hatchback named “The Chinese Job”.

Perhaps, the future aspirants might have a tough time breaking this record, but this would not deter them from trying their luck to register themselves in the Guinness Book of Records. Let’s wait and watch. The Mini Cooper S is powered by a 1.6-litre four cylinder engine. It is in fact a pocket rocket in Europe. The steering feels sensational and the gearbox is a simple, six-speed, short throw affair. The interiors are full of toggles and knobs instead of the same old boring buttons. All in all, Mini is a fun and fast car.