Renault has added an advertisement on YouTube and later deleted it after listening to some criticism.

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Renault is all set to launch the Captur in the Indian car market this month and to hype things up, they had added an advertisement of the crossover on YouTube. The ad highlighted the awards and accolades which the international-spec Captur has amassed over time.

The YouTube ad states that over a million units of the Renault Captur have been sold worldwide and that the car has won multiple awards in many countries. The video ends with the line ‘Now In India’. This very line has made Renault face all the criticism.

Automobile enthusiasts are of the opinion that the international-spec (called Kaptur in some markets) and the India-spec Captur differ in various aspects and hence such an ad doesn’t make sense. Soon after a post on an automobile website went viral, the French carmaker removed the ad. But before they did so, some people had downloaded the ad and reposted it on YouTube.

Though the international-spec and the India-spec Renault Captur may look similar, there are differences. For instance, the platform. The Europe-spec Captur underpins Clio’s platform (which gets a 5-star rating from Euro-NCAP), while the India-spec model underpins the Duster’s platform (the Europe-spec Dacia Duster gets a 3-star rating from Euro-NCAP, the India model didn’t fare well with the safety agency finding out that the small airbags in the car are almost useless).

Renault itself has never claimed that the European-spec Captur will be launched in India and also maintains that the India-spec and European-spec Captur aren’t similar. But then why this kind of an ad that is misleading?

Renault Captur YouTube Ad

– The YouTube ad on the Captur focuses on the car’s achievements worldwide
– Renault shows an international-spec Captur in the advertisement
– The company had deleted the ad from YouTube after facing criticism
– The European-spec and Indian-spec Captur have numerous differentiators

Renault Captur YouTube Ad
The ad is grossly misleading for Indian customers

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