Zeus ZS811 Helmet Review
Zeus Helmets – ZS811 Speedster & Plasma

Zeus Helmet Review

Model Tested: Zeus ZS811 Speedster & Plasma

Every helmet has a story of its rider, from rain to dust, it has all the emotions within

Off all the helmet giveaways we had, the last one on Instagram gave a chance to almost 5 guys to win a helmet. Others didn’t but the last one won as he followed the rules of the competition. Similarly, a helmet is mandatory and wearing it always while riding is a rule we should follow. This is a review of another pair of helmets we’ve had for a short duration but these are no different models. Instead, Faisal and I got the same model with different graphics. The model goes with the name ZS811 while the graphics are Speedster (Orange) and Plasma (Red & Blue).

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The helmet looks almost proportionate to the scooter as well as the rider

At first, when we both tried the fitting of the helmet, we were amazed. The sizes were the same but these were the most snug fit helmets under the Rs. 5000/- price bracket. With the helmet size L and M, the shell size was of the same, the internal paddings were thinner for the larger model. The shell design resembles completely like an egg and it’s thin from the chin to the top giving it a very tight fit. However, this becomes uncomfortable for people wearing roomy and airy helmets as it would hold the face tight, giving no room for any kind of jaw movement.

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If you notice, the shadow shows the reflection of my face too

With the same design of 5 vents on the shell and an overall fit and finish of plastics and rubber corners, it felt superior. There are aerodynamic edges which are scaled-down but they flow through the helmet shell. What is more interesting is that the design of the visor is so precise, it gets almost air-tight from the front which is very good. However, this becomes a slight issue with warm breathe and if it’s colder outside, the visor gets all fogged up. However, on the contrary, it does not let even a single bit of rainwater inside.

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The windblast is very well contained at decent speeds

Not only a helmet, we should always follow the rule of ATGATT – ‘All The Gear, All The Time’

The visor is held to the helmet with plastic-type clips which are flat but huge and act like screws. It takes no time to get the visor changed with a quick fit and release of these screws. We do get clear visor as stock but there is an option of shadow and mirror tinted visors too. The good thing is that the tints are not very dark. All the tinted visors get a shadow finish even with a mercury/mirror tint. The overall finish is less opaque and looks good too while also having good visibility in the dark. I got myself a simple black shadow while the other helmet has a mercury visor.

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The graphics are on-point, I like the look of Plasma with the mercury visor

The internal padding has a dual layer setup, one being removable as well as washable too. The Zeus also gets a removable and thick chin curtain which helps in blocking most of the air and keeping the helmet from lifting off at high speeds. To add to more safety, the helmets get a D-ring strap instead of a slider. At first, one might get irritated getting around with the D-ring but then it ensures that the helmet stays on the head at the time of a crash, provided it’s strapped properly. I have been able to do about 170 km/hr without any issue and this helmet could withstand even more.

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The speedster here has a shadow visor, it’s dark but less opaque

The overall weight is also very less and this is the lightest helmet I’ve worn till date which offers good protection too. For the price which is just under Rs. 5000/-, the Zeus helmet offers a lot like safety, lightness and comfort all together. However, it does not have a huge market share, it does play a role of exclusivity. I’ve even seen the same model of helmet on bikes like the Honda CBR650F and Kawasaki Z800 too. To wrap it up, the Zeus Speedster has been my frequent pick from all the helmets I have had since the time it’s been with us for the review. This one has also been able to set a personal benchmark for my future helmet upgrades.

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And never forget – ‘Lid On. Live On’