Renault Kwid silent recall has been initiated by dealers to replace a faulty accelerator pedal and sensor.

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Launched in India in 2015, the Renault Kwid has been nothing short of a runaway success for the French carmaker. Thanks to its rugged styling and attractive pricing, the hatchback instantly set the sales chart on fire and continues to do so even after 2 years. The journey hasn’t been smooth as the car has been criticised every now and then for its sub-par quality which has led to noisy brakes, leaking carpets and what not in brand new vehicles. As per recent reports on the internet, the Renault Kwid has been recalled yet again to replace faulty accelerator pedal and accelerator pedal sensor along with reprogramming of the ECU.

Last month, the Renault Kwid was voluntarily recalled due to an issue with the steering system which required replacement of steering rack assembly in affected cars. This time, the issue is equally, if not more, serious and critical to the safety of the vehicle and road users as well. The issue came to light when a Kwid user got his car inspected at Renault workshop to diagnose an ‘orange’ warning light on the instrument console. The malfunction light, as shown in the video, would go off as soon as the accelerator pedal was pressed. As per the workshop folks, this is a “known issue” often accompanied by a sudden surge in acceleration/RPM in some cars.

The vehicle in question is a manual transmission Kwid 0.8-litre version manufactured in April 2016. Instead of issuing a recall to make users aware of the issue besides replacing the faulty parts, the company has chosen to be silent on this serious issue. Renault workshops are inspecting and replacing parts (if necessary) only for those who are reporting issues with their cars. As of now, it remains unclear whether the issue is also affecting the 1.0-litre and AMT versions or not.

Renault Kwid Silent Recall

– Renault Kwid faces another serious issue, company yet to officially recall cars
– Workshops are replacing faulty accelerator pedal and sensor in cars showing up with issues
– Faulty parts cause malfunction light to glow often accompanied with increase in acceleration/RPM

Renault Kwid Waiting Period
Cost of replacement of faulty parts is said to be covered under warranty

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