The Renault Lodgy has been positioned effectively between the Mobilio and the Innova in terms of pricing and manages to offer loads of space and potent powertrain.

Innova Lodgy Ertiga Mobilio Price Comparison

Renault India’s next volume puller is here in the high contested MPV segment that is already aggressive with a host of offerings. While the Innova continues to retain the top honours, the Ertiga and Mobilio aren’t doing bad either and post some very impressive sales figures every month. But then, these models have been priced very effectively with sufficient gaps in the middle that helps these MPVs to co-exist. This is where the Lodgy jumps in offering the ergonomics of an Innova at the price of a Mobilio. Does it make a good purchase? We do a quick price comparison to find out.

Dimensions – The MPV segment is all about moving people and the more number that fit in comfortably, the merrier it gets. It is here that the Innova has always proved its mettle with 7 or 8-seater configurations and now the Lodgy too isn’t far behind. Sporting the longest wheelbase in the segment, the Lodgy offers a spacious cabin with loads of headroom and is also available in 7 or 8-seater options. The Honda Mobilio is a 7-seater with the first two rows offering ample of space while the third happens to be bit of a struggle. Losing out on space the most is the Ertiga which is based on an extended Swift platform and is a strict 7-seater with the third row best reserved for kids. For the space it offers, the Lodgy comes out as more appealing next to the Innova.

Features – The Innova gets auto climate control on higher variants which the Lodgy, Mobilio and Ertiga completely miss out on. The Lodgy, however, boasts of satellite navigation with a touchscreen display unit which is otherwise only available on the Mobilio. The Innova does get an LCD display with Bluetooth, USB and AUX connectivity, but thats about it. The Ertiga feels the least equipped here with the 2DIN audio unit and USB connectivity while features like keyless entry and steering mounted audio controls are also available in other MPVs. Nonetheless, the Ertiga is due for an update this year and will get a host of feature upgrades.

Safety – Keeping the occupants safe, the Renault Lodgy gets ABS, EBD, Brake Assist as standard on all trims while dual front airbags are offered on the RxL and RxZ variants. The Innova gets dual front airbags as standard on all variants with ABS offered on mid and top-end variants. The Mobilio gets ABS and EBD on all diesel variants while dual front airbags have been missed on the base E and S trims. Lastly, the Maruti Ertiga comes with ABS, EBD and Brake Assist as standard on diesel trims with dual front airbags available only on the ZDi version. The safety features are evenly matched on all models, but the Innova’s proven robust build does get it brownie points.

Engines – Powered by a 1.5-litre dCi diesel motor, the Renault Lodgy is the most powerful MPV in the segment offered in a 110 PS option apart from the 85 PS trim. The workhorse motor is a proven unit and matches closely to the Innova’s bigger 2.5-litre D4-D diesel with 102 PS known for its reliability. The Mobilio is evenly matched to its rivals with the 1.5-litre i-DTEC motor producing 100 PS, but the Ertiga emerges as the most underpowered here with the 1.3-litre diesel producing 90 PS. All the MPVs come with a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard, whereas the 110 PS Lodgy is paired to a 6-speed gearbox.

Warranty Period – A major reason for the Innova’s success is the trouble free mechanicals and a warranty period of 3 years/1 lakh kms provided by Toyota. Taking it a notch higher, Renault is looking to win the customer’s hearts in the segment offering a warranty period of 5 years/1 lakhs kms on the Lodgy. The Ertiga and the Mobilio are targeted at private buyers and understandably so are offered with a warranty period of 2 years/40,000 kms.

Price – Even since its launch, Maruti has been proclaiming the price wars undercutting the competition by a significant margin. For a strict 7-seater, the Ertiga is well equipped but loses out on space by a decent margin. This is where the Mobilio steps in offering more space at a marginally higher price tag and a comfortable interior as well. Renault has been following the Honda closely and prices for both the MPVs are almost the same. However, the Lodgy is high on interior space if not style and comes with small tricks to keep the interiors premium.

Verdict – With the competition being as potent as the Lodgy on several counts, it really boils to your priorities with the MPV. Most certainly, the Renault offers loads of space and touches like the tray tables and removable rear seat that work out well for the MPV. Most importantly, the Lodgy has loads of space on offer that genuinely is the need of the buyer in this segment. Priced at a premium over the Ertiga, the Lodgy’s premium price tag comes courtesy of the additional space and a workhorse motor that does not move into the Toyota Innova territory either. For those looking for some serious cabin, the Lodgy makes a case for itself; if not, the Honda Mobilio is still a potent offering with a free revving engine.

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