Renault Triber Long Term 28
Going places is a piece of cake in the Renault Triber

Renault Triber AMT Long Term Review

The Renault Triber is one of the most ergonomically sound and a practical 7-seater car in India

In the last long term report, Javeid was convinced and happy about the practicality of the Triber and how it was comfortable for his whole family for a weekend trip. And since then the Triber has proven itself time and again with us. I myself have taken it for multiple family trips and the ergonomic nature of the last row comes in very handy. Since the last row has two seats and is completely removable, it makes a lot of space for the luggage. Not just that, the Renault Triber has become the goto car for our local shoots as it takes in all the shooting equipment without breaking a sweat.

Renault Triber Long Term 24
Capturing the milestones as we kept munching kilometres effortlessly

My road trip in the Triber was with my family to Vapi and back to Mumbai. We started off early in the morning on a Friday and by noon we were in Vapi. We covered up a good 180 km within 3 hours getting an average speed of over 60 km/hr. Cruising on the highway was just effortless as the AMT would shift into the top gear as soon as we crossed 65 km/hr. Even though the engine is just a 1.0-litre petrol unit, I could easily extract over 13 km/l with a full load. Yes, we were 6 people in the Tiber with a day’s luggage and food too. On the highway, holding the ton was comfortable but pushing it over 120 km/hr and the engine would feel a little stressed.

Renault Triber Long Term 26
It’s a sub-4-meter 7-seater car that doesn’t feel too intimidating but is very spacious

Even though the Triber has AMT it also comes with the convenience of manual shifts. If it happens that I want to use any particular gear for longer, I just need to shift the gear lever to M and get into that particular gear. The gearbox will not upshift in Manual mode unless I give my inputs. But if it is slotted in a higher gear and if I slow down drastically, it will downshift to the most comfortable gear at that speed without hesitation. The gearbox is smart enough but there is a small lag in shifts and that can be felt when trying to push the car. Even with manual shifts one can feel there is a bit of a lag.

4-Star NCAP rating does add to a peace of mind when the Triber is being taken out longer journeys

The Renault Triber weighs about 950 kgs and it can take in 6 adults comfortably which makes the gross weight go above 1200 kgs at times. With the small 1.0-litre motor it sometimes feels a little stressed when on full load. But the fact that it is one of the safest 7-seater vehicles with a 4-star NCAP rating does add some confidence to take the Triber out for longer journeys. What adds more to the mix is the fact that it is a 7-seater which can accommodate 6 generous sized adults without complaining much and if it becomes a necessity 7 people can sit but it’s a tight fit. However, with kids in the mix, it’s good to go for 7 as well.

Renault Triber Long Term 23
The recommended tyre pressure for the Renault Triber is 35 psi, maintaining that we haven’t had a puncture yet!

To add more to how the Triber has been very practical, the suspension setup and the overall ride and handling balance makes up for it. Renault knows how to make comfortable suspension for the Indian roads and with the Triber it is no different. On full load or just driving solo, the suspension setup is plush enough to provide a great ride and yet does not give out a body roll effect when turning hard. The steering always has a decent feedback while taking quick manoeuvres and u-turns are always easy and quick. The generous 182 mm of ground clearance also adds a lot as taking the Triber over to epic shoot locations over bad roads, no one gives a second thought, they just go for it!

Renault Triber Long Term 34
It has been the perfect backup vehicle for all the local shoots!

While the Renault Triber replaced our primary shoot vehicle a few months back, it has been very accommodating and useful for the whole team. For anyone who wants a convenient 7-seater for a short road trip, it becomes the primary pick. But it holds a special place as it is a team member of the MotorBeam shoot group. Practicality, comfort, and convenience of the automatic gearbox have made it the primary shoot and backup vehicle for our local shoots. There are a few shortcomings like the mileage isn’t the best with the AMT gearbox but it has space like no other.

Renault Triber Long Term 37
There’s literally enough space to carry a table!

If we put the last row down, there is so much room for luggage that it is just unreal! For a sub 4-meter car, the Triber can take in a lot of stuff, it is very spacious. While the last row can be removed completely with just two steps, the boot space goes all the way up to 625 litres. To add more storage space, second row folds all the way to the front and gives a massive cabin to carry small office tables or even a bicycle! Ergonomically sound and very practical the Renault Triber is a perfect do-it-all car under Rs. 10 lakhs. Since the Triber is so good, it has been the prime pick almost all the time.

What’s Cool

  • Comfortable and ergonomic cabin
  • Suspension setup with ride and handling balance is impressive
  • For a sub 4-meter car, the Triber is very spacios
  • It has been the go-to car for the shoot team at MotorBeam

What’s Not So Cool

  • No diesel variant
  • AMT gearbox has some lag during shifts
  • The 1.0-litre engine lack grunt at full load
Renault Triber Long Term 33
Finding a friend on shoot locations always feels good

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