In a few days perhaps, legislation would be passed in USA to make reversing cameras compulsory for each and every car. All new cars will have to be sold and older cars will have to be fitted with a reversing camera. This is to eliminate blind spots created behind the vehicle and accidents caused by hitting pedestrians who either walk in the cars path or are standing in the way and cannot be seen. Statistics say that in USA, 300 people are killed and 16,000 are injured due to such accidents with 33 percent of the victims being children under the age of 5 years.

This rule will cost car companies upwards of $2 billion and each individual about $200 (Rs. 11,000/-) for addition of the reverse camera, but it’s quite obvious that it is a cost that will save lives. Coming closer to home we face complete apathy from our Government as well as the general public towards safety to such an extent that it is not even compulsory for car companies to fit a left side rear view mirror in cars let alone reversing cameras! Cars like the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 do not get the left rear view mirror as standard!

The number of accidents and death toll in India is rising more than ever and there are no rules here to make cars safer or have most basic of safety features in the cars. Most car companies sell most cars with no safety features at all or provide them only in the top model at a very high cost. It is very disheartening to see the attitude of the Government as well as the consumer regarding safety. Not only is there lack of safety features in the cars, the quality of driving of individuals and disregard for traffic rules too is a huge problem.

With number of accidents and resultant fatalities on the rise at an alarming rate, steps need to be taken to make our roads safer. It is the responsibility of the Government to introduce rules to make cars and roads safer and make sure they are followed. On the other hand it is the responsibility of every individual to follow traffic rules as well as drive responsibly and show regard to fellow motorists and pedestrians.

Source – Detroit News