Royal Enfield Himalayan Electric Concept Side

Royal Enfield is developing two electric vehicle platforms, one of them is an ADV

Royal Enfield appears to be taking a careful approach towards entering the electric motorcycle market. Recent reports suggest that the company’s first foray into electric bikes might not materialise until fiscal year 2027.

Presently, Royal Enfield is directing its efforts towards bolstering its 450cc lineup and introducing another 350cc model. Within the next few years, consumers can expect a comprehensive range of 450cc bikes from the brand. Additionally, Royal Enfield is gearing up to launch at least two new 650cc motorcycles, catering to both the domestic and international markets.

Acknowledging the growing trend towards electric vehicles, Royal Enfield has made substantial investments in the electric vehicle sector, both in India and the UK. Visits to their Technical Centre in Chennai reveal dedicated validation and testing infrastructure specifically tailored for EV bikes.

Recent rumours indicate that Royal Enfield is actively developing two electric motorcycle platforms, which could potentially spawn four to five electric models. However, these platforms are still in the nascent stages of development, with production models expected to take several years to materialise. While a prototype of the Himalayan electric bike was showcased last year, it remains an early iteration.

Company executives are optimistic about the future of electric motorcycles, anticipating advancements in battery technology that would drive down costs and enhance performance. This optimism underscores their strategy to ensure maximum returns by pricing their electric motorcycles competitively in the evolving market landscape.

Royal Enfield’s cautious approach towards electric bikes reflects a balanced stance, prioritising thorough research and development to ensure a successful transition into the electric vehicle segment.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Electric Concept
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