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It is a matter of “when” and not “if” the bikemaker will launch an electric vehicle

Royal Enfield is not thinking about making its electric motorcycle, but has already started the ground work needed to enter the segment including forming a designated team to chalk out plans.

Vinod K Dasari, Royal Enfield’s Chief Executive Officer, has revealed that the brand is “trying to figure out exactly which segment is the right segment for us” and has added that “Electric is something we take very seriously”.

Not only has the bikemaker developed prototypes of its electric motorcycle, but it has also formed an internal team to not just develop products, but to also choose the right segment for entering the electric motorcycle arena.

“It is not about whether electric (motorcycles) will come or not but it’s a question of when. We did make some prototypes, we have looked at several segments and we will be adding to the team in the near future,” Dasari has stated.

Being the leading brand in the 350cc and above 2-wheeler segment in India, Royal Enfield electric motorcycle will look at tapping into the electric 2-wheeler market that in FY20 saw 1.52 lakh units get sold.

Since the brand is one that also has a lot of heritage, it will be interesting to see how Royal Enfield will market its electric motorcycle.

We cannot say for sure whether it would be an entry-level model or a halo model that will sit right at the top, but, more details are likely to come as the project progresses, especially since the bike maker has been open about its future electric motorcycle plans.

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle

  • Royal Enfield is working on its own electric motorcycle
  • Prototypes of electric bikes have already been developed
  • A special team has been formed to develop product, choose segment
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