The iconic motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield, known for its rugged and tough looking motorcycles is now going to expand business operations to Philippines. Originally started as a British company around in 1893 setup primarily to cater to the transportation and ammunition needs of the British soldiers during the World Wars, it continues the legacy till date with the same charm. Though the company doesn’t enjoy a very huge market share in the Indian market, thanks to the advent of cheaper and more convenient motorcycles of today yet it enjoys its own share of market.

“Marketing-wise, we’re looking to fully establish and maintain the Royal Enfield marque in the country. This is a long-awaited moment for motorcycle riders, as its reasonable pricing and storied history make it stand out in the market. But we don’t want to just reach out to the hardcore enthusiast; we also want to touch base with newcomers to the riding community, particularly the 23- to 30-year-old riders,” Jimmy Barinaga, president and CEO, Royal Enfield Philippines, said.

In Philippines, the company made its debut at the Roadhouse Manila Bay where it showcased four 500cc touring motorcycles. The four motorcycles the Philippines crowd got to drool on are the Classic 500, the Bullet in Battle Green colour, the Classic Chrome and the Bullet Electra Deluxe. All the four motorcycles sported Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), a toolbox on the right hand side and gas filled shock absorbers. Most of the components in the Royal Enfield motorcycles like the aluminum castings, side panels and chrome gas tank are handcrafted and also hand painted. With the signature thumping exhaust note coming out of the tailpipe, the on lookers surely would have enjoyed every bit of the display.