Royal Enfield is still gauging public response to the KX Bobber.

Royal Enfield Concept KX Features
The KX Bobber was showcased as the Concept KX at EICMA 2018

In an interview conducted recently, Mr. Siddhartha Lal, CEO, Eicher Motors, said that the KX Bobber may turn into reality. This news coming from the company that put out two absolutely stunning motorcycles this year is like a cheery on top of a cake. Although, Mr. Lal kept it explicitly clear that this was just a thought and there was no decision being taken yet.

Commenting about the response to the new twin-cylinder motorcycles launched by Royal Enfield, Mr. Lal said that it was absolutely exceptional. He also said that this was what the company was hoping for but definitely what they had expected. He also said that Royal Enfield was a little ‘old-school’ but this is the new Royal Enfield and that it is only going to get better from here as the company is evolving as well.

He also made the impression that the company is not in a hurry to launch new motorcycles. When asked about putting out bigger motorcycles, Mr. Lal simply said that they feel that the two new motorcycles have a lot of legroom for the company in India and around the world. He also stated the fact that it took Royal Enfield a decade to go from 350cc-500cc to the new 650cc motorcycles. Which might be a subtle hint at the company’s slow and steady approach. He also said that going big with the bikes is certainly not ruled out and if the company was ever to decide to go for it, it would be a bigger motorcycle. But, unfortunately, there are no plans for it as of now.

Mr. Lal also claimed that Royal Enfield is completely prepared for BS6 norms to fall into place. He also said that they have an amazing generation of new products ready to roll out for BS6. Addressing the long process required to switch the production from BS4 to BS6, he said that the company will be absolutely ready for the March 2020 deadline.

Speaking of the Bobber motorcycle, it was introduced as the Concept KX at the EICMA auto show held in Milan last month. The bike has a combination of neo-classical and futuristic elements in its design. It is powered by a 838cc V-Twin engine paired to a 6-speed gearbox, the output figures haven’t been revealed.

Royal Enfield KX Bobber Launch

– The KX Bobber was first showcased at EICMA 2018
– The company is still undecided of its launch
– Royal Enfield hasn’t ruled out developing higher capacity bikes

Royal Enfield Concept KX Rear
This concept bike is powered by a 838cc engine

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