The KX Concept was featured at the EICMA Show 2018, Milan.

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In a recent video, the Royal Enfield industrial design team talked about how the idea of the KX Concept came into being. The KX Concept came from the heritage that Royal Enfield has built since 1901. Back then the motorcycle manufacturer had designed some great V-Twins, of which the KX was one such model. The team further went on to talk about how the KX was a very proportionate bike for its time and had a great stance.

The team then began to take the bike and work with those proportions to come up with the KX Concept. Before the World War, the majority of Royal Enfield’s product line were V-twin motorcycles. The first one came out on 1909 and the engine could generate a maximum of 2.5 HP. By the mid-1920s, Royal Enfield had come up with its own V-Twin engine that had a capacity of 976cc and by 1930, the motorcycle fitted with this engine became the Model K. The KX motorcycle soon followed.

The line of the exhaust, the silencers of the V-Twin engine, the cylinders placed behind the sump all carry elements from the time-old KX model. Royal Enfield have talked about how they’ve worked to get the shape, the proportions and the feel to match the bike of the old age.

The Royal Enfield team talks about how they have conversations to keep their minds open and creative about the way to go about designing the KX Concept. The model has a 60-degree V-Twin engine and the bike was designed around the engine to make it match as close as they could to the old bike.

Royal Enfield KX History

– Taken from the KX motorcycle built in the 1930s
– Powered by a 838cc, liquid cooled V-Twin engine
– The tag line for this bike is ‘the last word in luxury motorcycles’

Royal Enfield Concept KX Features
The KX Concept takes inspiration from the old KX motorcycle
Royal Enfield Concept KX Side
It has a retro look from the post-World War era