Royal Enfield is working on two new engines which are based on the existing engines. They will power two new motorcycles in 2015 and testing is under progress.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Test Drive Review
The new Royal Enfield bikes will share underpinnings with the Continental GT

You read it first on MotorBeam. “Survival of the fittest” is the term that can well be associated with the Indian automotive industry. Some companies survive purely due to their quality while some just because of the uniqueness in their models. We all know that Royal Enfield has been in our country for almost six decades and we have seen plenty of models rolled out in the country. The sales of Royal Enfield have been fair enough to what it should be; the reason being people buying the bikes because of their vintage looks. Agreed that Royal Enfield bikes are elegant but the build quality has always been a point of concern for the company. Looks like Royal Enfield has responded to their customers and is seriously working on upgrading their bikes.

Sources have confirmed that Royal Enfield is currently working on two new bikes which will be hosting two new engines whose displacement is 400cc and 600cc. The new engines are said to be pumping enormous torque when compared to the current generation ones. The 400cc is estimated to generate 40 Nm (current 350cc generates 28 Nm) while the 600cc would pump 60 Nm (Current 500 generates 41 Nm). Keeping the torque figures and future pollution norms in mind, we expect both the engines to come with fuel injection. We also expect Royal Enfield to improve the quality just like Tata Motors did with the Zest/Bolt. Sources inform us that Royal Enfield is currently testing the bikes and have scheduled to launch them sometime late next year.

If the new engines seriously generate the above mentioned values then the 600cc engine can well be compared to that of Harley-Davidson’s Street 750cc engine. However, Royal Enfield will continue to produce single-cylinder engines in the interest of cheaper cost of production. The British brand is the only 2-wheeler maker whose upcoming models aren’t known as the company continues to work in secrecy. Both the new bikes will use similar underpinnings as the Continental GT, Royal Enfield’s best motorcycle till date.

The question now arises, is Royal Enfield following the path of Tata Motors? Will it be ‘the Indian bike’? Well we have to sit tight for the launch! These new motorcycles are the major reason why the company is setting up a third plant as it looks at boosting volumes significantly in both domestic as well as international markets.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Ash White
Royal Enfield did not launch any new bike in 2014, it only changed fonts and colours