The Royal Enfield Leicestershire facility is likely to start operations by early 2017 and will be used for R&D.

2016 Royal Enfield Continental GT Green
Royal Enfield is investing Rs. 600 crore for their facilities in the UK and Chennai

Royal Enfield has an upcoming facility in Leicestershire, UK and it is expected to be operational by early 2017. The bike manufacturing company will be investing Rs. 600 crore towards setting up 2 facilities – one in Chennai and the other in the UK. The investment amount will also be used for product development.

The company is also going to use the money for market development activities for various markets as well as to improve their manufacturing capabilities. The new facility at Leicestershire won’t be used to manufacture any new bikes and it will be mostly used for R&D purposes.

Apart from that, the new facility in the UK will also play a significant role in the development of the new 600-650cc bike. The upcoming bike is likely to be a cruiser and will be sold in the European and US markets, competing with Triumph and Harley Davidson. Royal Enfield had earlier stated that they want to become the number one manufacturer in the mid-size segment.

Royal Enfield Leicestershire Facility

– Royal Enfield is investing Rs. 600 crore
– The company is developing a new 600-650cc cruiser bike
– No bikes will be manufactured at the Leicestershire facility

2016 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Mint
The upcoming cruiser bike will compete with Triumph and Harley Davidson