Royal Enfield is secretly taking Pegasus back and also offering other schemes for livid owners.

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We have already heard a lot of controversies on the Royal Enfield limited edition Pegasus and now we have some more. Royal Enfield is now taking the Pegasus edition back secretly. After the viral sensation of the owner, who wrote e-mails to many organisations and news channels.

Pegasus owner wrote multiple e-mails to the Minister of Road Transport and Highways. The first complaint letter was about the Royal Enfield models, Gunmetal Grey and Stealth Black not having ABS on the Indian spec bike. The models which are sent to UK, US, Australia come loaded with ABS. While the maximum bikes are made for India and other Asian countries, they are not equipped with ABS.

After the Pegasus launch, the customer wrote e-mails to many organisations and news channels saying how Royal Enfield is ravaging Pegasus customers. But he didn’t get any response till date from any of the organisations or news channels. While all this was happening, dealers from Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur are trying their level best to maintain the relationship with Pegasus customers but the company is not reacting to it.

Some dealers are offering a few options to the Pegasus owners, to refund the whole amount in return of the bike or 1 year extended warranty along with two free services. The other option given was, to exchange Pegasus with ABS version of Stealth Black or Desert Storm. Dealers have told the customers to give their requirements in writing but they refuse to do so.

Now, other customers who bought Gunmetal Grey, Himalayan Sleet and Stealth Black are also supporting the Pegasus owners in this activity. The customer wants the company to settle this matter in another way and not offering extended warranty. Royal Enfield is launching their twin Interceptor and Continental GT, will this affect their sale?

Royal Enfield Pegasus Buyback

– The dealers are offering full refund in return of the bike
– 1 year extended warranty along with 2 free services
– Exchange with ABS version of Gunmetal Grey or Stealth Black

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black
Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey customers are also supporting this activity