Royal Enfield Scram Trademark
Clearly, Royal Enfield is on a roll!

A trademark application from Royal Enfield filed for the title “Scram” has been uncovered by MotorBeam and it looks like the bike manufacturer has plans to launch a scrambler model in the future.

Royal Enfield, without a doubt, has its hands full at the moment, for it is working on multiple products including a 350cc roadster, expected to be called the Hunter, and 2 650cc cruiser models.

Now, as it would seem, another model has been added to the pipeline, which is the Scram. However, it is not known whether it would be a 350cc bike or a 650cc motorcycle.

Judging by the way the brand has been working for the past few years, the Royal Enfield Scram trademark could be used for a bike based on its much loved 650cc platform.

Launching such a model by making use of the potent parallel twin engine would bode well for Enfield not only in India, but in overseas markets, where scrambler motorcycles have a huge following.

But, there is a possibility that the brand could launch a 350cc scrambler model as well, especially when 1 considers reports that state the Honda H’ness CB350 scrambler is in the making.

Whatever might be the case, if engineered well, the Royal Enfield Scram could turn out to be a sales success like the Meteor 350 and 650 twins.

Royal Enfield Scrambler Render
Or, could it be that Enfield has plans to launch scrambler models in both 350cc and 650cc segments?