Carberry Enfield was previously based in Australia where it suspended operations recently due to increased operational costs and has moved to India as an Indian has invested in the company.

2016 Carberry Enfield Double Barrel
The first Indian Carberry can be expected in 6-8 months

Royal Enfield has always had a different spot for itself in the Indian two-wheeler market and the automaker is enjoying the best times with sales growing by 50 percent every year for the past four years. However, enthusiasts intending to get a powerful machine with the RE badge are still not addressed.

The situation is going to change soon as Carberry Enfield has moved its base to India. For those who heard this name for the first time, it is a manufacturer that has successfully developed a 1000cc V-twin engine by mating two 500cc Royal Enfield engines together forming a new crankcase and the motor is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

Carberry Enfield is owned by Paul Carberry and was based in Australia earlier where it sold 13 bikes powered by the 1000cc engines before it had to suspend operations due to increased cost of raw materials. However, it is starting again with new investment from a Bhiali-based Indian businessman named Jaspreet Singh Bhatia.

Bhatia has also convinced Carberry to move its base to Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. Currently he is fulfilling all the legal formalities to complete the investment while Paul is looking for suppliers in India and it is going to use most of the parts from the original bike itself to keep costs low.

The prices of Carberry Enfield models is expected to be half of the Australian prices due to decreased operational costs. The new partnership is slowly and steadily taking shape and we can expect the first 1000cc, V-twin powered Royal Enfield in another six to eight months.

Carberry Enfield

– Carberry Enfield has successfully crafted a 1000cc V-twin engine by mating two 500cc Royal Enfield engines
– The manufacturer was previously based in Australia where it had to suspended production due to costs
– It has found an Indian investor who is setting up production in India
– The first Carberry Enfield is expected to be launched later this year

2016 Carberry Enfield Double Barrel Side
Carberry Enfield managed to sell 13 models in Australia

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