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The name Royal Enfield has its own charm and has its own fan base. There has always been great demand for these motorcycles. The company also conducts the events for Royal Enfield riders which includes treacherous routes and challenging tasks. Perhaps, the clan of ‘Royal Enfielders’ have something with them to be proud of. However, these are the experiences after one gets to own the beast. Yes, the picture is indeed as rosy as it is said. But, there is something which is bothering the company and its fan base. The problem lies right here before a customer can own the bike and it is the long waiting periods.

With limited production units and orders just pouring in, the company is facing the brunt of not bringing the customers closer to their dream for up to 5 to 14 months at times. This would only lead to change of mind in at least some of the customers. The current facilities are not equipped to handle the soaring demand. In fact the second-quarter launch of the Thunderbird 500 motorcycle has been delayed as the company fears that it will not be able to cope up with the number of incoming orders. The company’s USP of using the handiwork to people won the hearts two years back. But, now that has become one of the reasons for delay in delivery.

The company also faces technical problems as they do not have the scale for high-end tooling. The need of the hour for the company is a good production base that can meet the numbers and a good dealer network. Most of the Royal Enfield owners have faced the issues with the lack of good service support. The service is sloppy and since most of the riders use it for long drives on weekends, they would definitely not want their bike to stop in the middle of the journey and end up being helpless. The company needs to invest in dealerships, service centres and the manufacturing plants to completely satisfy its user base.

Source – LiveMint