Datsun 1200 Coupe

Datsun, a name that was abandoned by Nissan in the year 1981, has made news quite a number of times this year. Earlier this year, the company decided to use the Datsun brand to launch its low cost cars. The plans were especially for India and these cars would be locally manufactured and would cost less than Rs. 4 lakhs. These low cost cars would be hitting the roads by 2014. With all these plans set for India, Nissan has now one step further. It plans to tap the African market which has a great potential. Already experienced players like Tata motors, are eyeing the African market which is an emerging market.

“The Korean manufacturers, the Indians and Chinese are more aggressive in emerging markets. In order to penetrate frontier, growing markets like the African market, we need a product.” Toshiyuki Shiga, COO, Nissan, said.

Talks are in place to launch the Datsun brand in Africa where it would compete with the Indian and Chinese rivals who are also targeting the low-income consumers. Nissan has already announced its plans to spend more than US $122 million to double its production in its plant in South Africa by 2016. However, nothing concrete had been said about the launch of the Datsun brand in African markets. The company is also eyeing the Indonesian and Russian markets for its low-cost products. South Africa, which had been a good ground for Nissan Micra, will surely be a success market for the Datsun brand too.

Source – Automotive News