RTM Design Pulsar 200 NS Touring Visor

Leisure riding is seeing a significant rise with long distance rides or weekend getaways becoming more popular. Obviously, our vehicles are not specifically designed for long distance touring and lack some essential accessories needed. Now, RTM Design founded by Dhaval Mehta has introduced its range of touring accessories for the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS to make it more touring friendly. The Pulsar is not necessarily a cruiser (until the CS400 comes along), but owners take the machine for long journeys, considering it offers reasonable performance and comfort at a lucrative price point.

RTM Design deals into preservation; restoration and customisation of vehicles specially build as per your tastes, along with manufacturing of custom parts and accessories. The company recently introduced its touring parts range for the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS which includes a long visor and luggage carrier. The long visor will keep the wind resistance to a minimum, helping the rider maintain high speeds for a longer period of time. The luggage carrier on the other hand replaces the grab rails at the rear, with the bolts hidden under the pillion seat. The rider thus needs to strap on the luggage to the carrier and won’t have to worry about it falling. Both the accessories are extremely essential for riders, who will find the functionality very useful on long rides. The long visor will set you back by Rs. 3000/-, whereas the luggage carrier costs Rs. 4000/-.

RTM Design also completed a recent custom project based on the Yamaha RX100. The motorcycle received a complete overhaul and has been equipped with a monoshock suspension, extended front forks, front disc brakes, HP filter, CEAT Endura tyres and a custom paint job. The company is currently in search of individuals who would want to have their vehicles customised to look one in a million. We wish Dhaval and his team at RTM Design all the very best for their future endeavours and hope to see some more smashing ideas and innovative customisations coming our way.

You can connect with RTM Design via their Facebook page HERE.

RTM Design Pulsar 200 NS Luggage Carrier

RTM Yamaha RX100