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Satellite based toll collection to directly deduct money from bank account

In a recent announcement, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari unveiled plans to revolutionise India’s toll collection system. The proposed satellite based toll collection system aims to streamline the process, replacing traditional toll plazas and offering convenience for commuters.

Under this new system, toll charges will be automatically deducted from commuters’ bank accounts based on the distance they travel. Gadkari emphasised that this shift will not only save time but also reduce fuel consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Addressing concerns about the perceived high toll taxes, Gadkari highlighted the significant time and fuel savings facilitated by modern highways. He illustrated this with the example of the Mumbai-Pune route, where travel time has been drastically reduced from nine hours to just two hours, resulting in substantial fuel savings.

Looking ahead, Gadkari expressed ambitious goals for India’s road infrastructure, aiming to match the extensive network of highways found in the United States by the end of 2024. He outlined ongoing projects like Bharatmala-2, spanning approximately 8500 km, alongside previous initiatives like Bharatmala-1, covering 34,000 km.

Despite these advancements, Gadkari acknowledged the persistent challenge of road accidents during his tenure. He expressed regret over the inability to curb accidents, attributing them to human behaviour. However, he remained optimistic about fostering behavioural changes and raising awareness about road safety to mitigate such incidents in the future.

The FASTag technology was adopted rapidly across the nation. It was quicker than the traditional toll collection but it had its own drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of FASTag tech included situations when the commuter didn’t have the balance in their FASTag account, the sensors at some tolls took time to read the FASTag and such situations lead to long queues at toll booths.

The introduction of satellite based toll collection won’t require any toll booths but it will be a big challenge to integrate the technology in each and every vehicle across the country before this new system gets implemented.

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