We face problems in every day life. Reasons unknown but all we do is just crib about the failing systems. But how many of us actually want to solve such problems for the general good? Perhaps Peter Olt is one such man. In the year 2011, he narrowly escaped what could have been a life taking accident, while riding his bike when a car popped up from somewhere and abruptly entered his lane. That day he decided to come up with something which can alert the other motorists positively. And the result of that thought is the Screaming Banshee.

Still wondering what device is this? Well, it is a system that can easily get integrated with the stock horn of your vehicle and is used to send out that loud raucous horn in the emergency situations. But, then can’t a normal loud horn do the job? A 139 decibels of volume is what we can use for a loud horn. But that isn’t a friendly one. The whole purpose of this system is to provide a loud horn for those emergency situations while still having the option of giving someone a friendly toot with the stock horn.So how does this work?
If the rider/driver wants to ‘toot’ his stock horn, he will simply give it a brief tap. However, if he finds himself in a dangerous situation, he simply holds the horn button down for ¼ second(selectable to ½ second if desired) and the Screaming Banshee system kicks in and activates the full 139 decibel air horn. And the add on feature is, once the system get activated, it pulses the high beam lights. This gets you noticed !!Why did the inventor choose such a name for his invention? Well, according to the Irish and Scottish folks, Banshee is a female spirit who cries out loud to alert people of the impending danger. Apt name eh!! The invention has been patented and many have benefited by the same. It fits on to all motorcycles, scooters and cars. It has been specifically designed so that anyone with basic mechanical skills can install it.
Let’s go into few technical details of the system. Screaming Banshee consists of two main components- a 139 decibel compact air horn, and a control unit.In fact, its the control unit which does all the work. The control unit is about the size of a matchbox and the internal parts are sealed in resin. This creates a water, heat and vibration proof environment which in turn provides superior reliability. Testing of the system has been done under extreme temperatures (from 10 – 160 degrees Fahrenheit), and it worked faultlessly.

Isn’t that something very interesting? Watch this video to know more.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9ZWYTSDb8w 540 375]