Tata Nano Weekender Art Front

Nano Art In Motion is an initiative that brings together the two most visible aspects of the Tata Nano – a true innovation and a fantastically fun car. At the NH7 music festival held in Pune, the second edition of the popular Nano: Art-in-Motion series came out with the creation of the Weekender Art Nano. It was painted by graffiti artist Bruce Dunn and the creation portrays the spirit of self-expression. The Weekender Art Nano is inspired by music and has been painted using a mixed medium of luminescent and acrylic paints.

The Nano: Art-in-Motion empowers artists to use the Tata Nano as an outlet for their creativity, and a canvas for their lives. Art is all about playing with colors, creativity and personal expression and through this initiative, the Tata Nano binds art and utility together to showcase a series based on different themes. The Tata Nano is the first art car focused on the theme of celebration and this initiative will help to improve the brand’s presence and its personality as a personal symbol.

Tata Motors have now focused their marketing efforts on making the Nano a fun car for youngsters and events like these give the Nano a good platform to make an impression in the minds of the youth. The Nano: Art-in-Motion car will tour metro cities for over two weeks. In this time it will visit colleges, famous monuments and landmarks, orphanage homes and children’s schools, spreading happiness and cheer.

Tata Nano Art Side