While the C-segment is nothing short of a boring battle, the D-segment has taken quite a few interesting turns this month.

C-Segment Sedan Sales October 2015
The C-Segment is showing consistent market trends every month

The C and the D segments in the Indian four-wheeler market have seen a varied change when it comes to pricing of products and demand. While prices as well as sales in the C-segment have always been increasing, the case with the higher segment is just the opposite. While prices have always been rising, demand for these vehicles is constantly going downhill due to the fact that buyers prefer spending a bit more to get themselves either a big SUV or an entry-level German car from the big three.

Talking about the C-segment first, well sales trends have been similar since the last few months because no new vehicles have been launched recently. The Honda City as always is the market leader with a huge margin over its rivals. The Maruti Ciaz is following at the second position and the launch of the SHVS version has helped the vehicle gain some more sales. Following the Ciaz is the Toyota Etios which is a favourite with cabbies.

The Skoda Rapid has managed to overtake the Volkswagen Vento by a small margin while the Chevrolet Sail continues to be ahead of the Nissan Sunny. The now dated Fiat Linea isn’t garnering much interest now while the Renault Scala is also a very slow-mover. Ford managed to sell 16 units of the Fiesta, a vehicle who’s production has been stopped.

Moving to the D-Segment, Toyota is leading the pack with the Corolla Altis as well as the Camry which are selling more than their respective rivals. Sales of the Skoda Octavia have risen very significantly while numbers of the Volkswagen Jetta have taken a dip. The Elantra is selling in just average numbers. The Skoda Superb and Toyota Camry seem to have a neck-to-neck fight going on with no other rivals around. The Chevrolet Cruze and the Renault Fluence are the under performers in this segment.

D-Segment Sedan Sales October 2015
Sales of the Octavia have increased while the Jetta is tanking
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The Toyota Corolla continues to lead in the D-segment
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