Duke vs CBR vs Pulsar vs R15 vs Ninja

Welcome to the monthly number game, where manufacturers count numbers and show who is the boss. Numbers are of high importance for companies. Let it be sales or money, numbers are a must. September has been special for almost all companies in all terms. Let it be new launches, increasing portfolio or rising sales. The upcoming festive season and automotive EMI rates going down has certainly helped. Two-wheeler manufacturers like four-wheeler manufacturers are coming up with schemes (not discounts). Looks like domestic manufacturers had a blast last month, not so good for others.

Hero MotoCorp – India’s largest 2-wheeler manufacturer has become the buzz of the internet. Let it be buyers, bikers or even dealers. Everybody knows what’s happening over the ‘internet’. Hideous facelifts of current motorcycles are on their way with bump in power and efficiency, as Hero promises. If a market loves horsepower and fuel efficiency, they might be happy with these products. Anyways, shareholders should be happy with a 1.88% MoM gain and a 15.78% gain when it comes to YoY sales. New products should anyway boost these numbers much higher. If it fails to work, Hero needs a hero to push the sales higher.

Honda – Dreams are indeed coming true for Honda. The Japanese automaker shipped out around 21,000 extra units from its factories last month compared to August. MoM increase of 6.48% and YoY increase of 35% are excellent numbers. In September 2012 Honda sold 1 lakh units LESS than what they sold this September. Shipping the same amount of motorcycles and scooters at the same time is a ‘pat on the back’ worthy achievement. However, still far away from leaders in the segment. Lets wait and watch how these numbers are sustained or taken even higher with old and inferior products than competition.

Bajaj Auto – Good news! Folks at Akrudi are definitely having a blast. Bajaj comes back to selling 3 lakh motorcycles after a continuous decline over many months. 16.26% MoM increase is substantial in anyway. Discover variants with different suspension options seem to work well for the company. Not to mention Pulsar sales have gone higher too. These numbers are the second best numbers in Bajaj history for the month of September. YoY sales have increased by 3%. It also seems like the Duke 390 delivers have finally commenced, we hope the fiasco has finally exterminated from all levels. Bajaj’s dream can come true. The company should reach 5 lakh units a month sales if they sustain this momentum and get new models.

TVS – Jupiter is the word used by astronauts and people who study astronomy, not anymore. Jupiter can now be seen with a naked eye from planet Earth. The right time of launch with the right amount of moons coming with it. Well-priced scooter is nothing new but it’s the aura which it has, makes it feel special. 41.48% is MoM increase for TVS this month. New colours secretly introduced for commuter motorcycles last month and the launch of the Jupiter has seen domestic sales reach the orbit. YoY increase of 15% continues like last four months. Promising festive season for the company is undeniable.

Mahindra – Mahindra, the only company enjoying humongous achievements. The Centruo continues to take Mahindra’s 2-wheeler division to new heights. An extra 2000 units shipped out last month, giving the company a record growth of 17.9% MoM and YoY sales as high as 136% because the fact is, back in those days the motorcycle of fortune was being developed and the company relied on scooters. We are waiting with bated breath for enthusiast motorcycles to come in. Looks like Mahindra has its eyes set on the lower end of the market and will surpass manufacturers which have been the market for a long time with the same kind of portfolio.

Yamaha – Yamaha is the only company here to see a decline in sales. MoM sales went down by 23.29% but YoY sales are up by 53%. Yamaha dispatched 46,790 units last month against August where Yamaha shipped 60,996 units. YoY increase continues and Yamaha is getting a strong foothold in the country but not in the hearts of the enthusiast. Yamaha, where are the quarter-litre machines?

Suzuki – Well, yet again no numbers from Salman Khan Suzuki. Estimates suggest Suzuki dispatched over 30,000 units last month. Inazuma is on the way along with a new scooter. We think Suzuki is lost in the way. Wake up Suzuki, festive season is here!


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Note – Suzuki sales are estimates while some sales might contain export numbers.