Shell introduces new Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology that converts natural gas into a clear base oil with no impurities and is the company’s most advanced synthetic motor oil till date.

Shell Helix Ultra PurePlus
Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology converts gas into liquid oil

Shell Lubricants announced the launch of its new synthetic motor oil, the Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology in India. What makes the oil so special is that the new oil is manufactured through a revolutionary Gas to Liquid (GTL) process that converts gas into a crystal-clear base oil with virtually no impurities that are otherwise found in crude oil. With the Indian auto market evolving exponentially, the company stated that this was the best time to bring its best synthetic motor oil to India.

Shell stated that with more and more engine makers recommending fully synthetic oil because of its better cleansing and engine protection properties, the new Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology manages to provide more protection in a wide range of conditions as well as enhanced cleansing. With superior wear and corrosion protection, the oil helps extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs, while keeping the engine close to being factory clean.

Explaining the process, the company stated that the Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology is produced in Qatar with the beginning of extraction of natural gas from the world’s largest natural gas field. In a gasifier, the methane reacts with pure oxygen to produces synthetic gases, which then enters one of 24 reactors at the plant where chains of hydrocarbons are rearranged and transformed into liquid base oil with no purities that are found in crude oil. The oil maker further adds to have received approvals from all leading OEMs including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, General Motors and Chrysler in India.

Shell Helix Ultra PurePlus Gas To LiquidShell Helix Ultra PurePlus
The new oil virtually comes with no impurities in comparison to crude oil