2020 Mercedes GLS Interior
This is the cabin of the 2020 Mercedes GLS

Here we have a good example. Have a look at the door on the left, that particular door design is pretty much what all Mercedes models get with the seat control given higher priority over the door handle. The steering wheel? Most models get that wheel too. The infotainment is understandably standard throughout the updated Mercedes range.

The squared off AC vents and the grab handle like centre console design and the vent-like design surrounding the infotainment system are also shared with the 2020 Mercedes GLE. Remove what I just said and, oh wait! That’s the whole interior! Apart from dimensional differences and material changes, the interior layout of the GLS is the exact same as its small sibling, the GLE.

Mercedes is not the only one here. The BMW X5 and X7 have similar looking interiors, the Audi A8 and A6 also have similar looking interiors, but they do have certain obvious differences fueled by price constraints. The same can be said with the Range Rover SV and the Velar.