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In a very interesting revelation today, a bunch if Harley Davidson owners today appealed to the Mumbai traffic police to recognize helmets that have been Department of Transportation (DOT), America approved. The DOT rating, similar to our ISI rating in India is provided by the Department of Transportation based on a test in which the helmets are dropped from a height of 10 feet. A simulated head which can withstand more than 400 G of impact force is placed inside the head to measure the force of impact. The DOT rated helmets are considered as the best and one of the safest helmets to be worn by a rider.

The reason behind the plea was very simple. Last month, Mr. Arup Patnaik, the Mumbai Police Commissioner had directed the traffic department to fine all the bikers who ride without the ISI marked helmets. As a result, the traffic police personnel booked hundreds and this included owners of foreign bikes too who were wearing helmets certified by Australian, Italian and US authorities.

“The purpose of the police commissioner’s directive was to send a strong message to those using cheap plastic helmets. But the cops carrying out the order have failed to understand that helmets certified by the DOT are among the safest in the world,” said Debashish Ghosh, owner of a Harley Davidson bike.

Many people have managed to hoodwink the traffic cops though to escape away from getting booked by painting or sticking ISI logos on their helmets. This has infuriated the owners of foreign bikes especially those of Harley Davidsons. Mr. Brijesh Singh, DCP of Mumbai Traffic said that they had received an application from the Harley Davidson Owners’ Association for recognition of foreign helmets and it has been duly forwarded to the transport department which is the competent authority to take the appropriate action.

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Source – ET