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NTorq has a more accessible seat than the Burgman

Ergonomics – The Suzuki Burgman Street with a length of 1880 mm is a longer scooter than the TVS NTorq 125 which is 1865 mm in length. This allows the Burgman to have a longer seat, thus allowing the rider and the pillion to sit very comfortably. Not saying that the NTorq is a less comfortable scooter, but the seat on the Burgman is just wider and better. So, people of various sizes won’t find it cramped at all. A pillion too will prefer the Burgman’s seat because of its sheer size and good cushioning.

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The pillion however is more comfortable on the Burgman, thanks to the wider seat

You sit upright on both the scooters but experience distinct seating position

While the uniquely designed handle of the Burgman allows you to open up your arms a little, the handle on the NTorq is just like any other scooter, quite close to the rider. The mirrors, however, are more useful on the NTorq and the ones on the Burgman don’t really help if you have a jacket on. The Burgman has that extended footboard for more legroom which the Ntorq doesn’t. The footboard of the NTorq is just too small if you want to carry some luggage and keep your legs too!

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The NTorq excels as a better city performer

Performance – Both the Burgman and the NTorq are powered by a 125cc motor. The Burgman produces 8.58 BHP of power at 7000 RPM and 10.2 Nm of torque at 5000 RPM while the NTorq’s motor puts out 9.25 BHP of power at 7500 RPM and 10.5 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. With these numbers, the NTorq has an advantage on paper but the Burgman performs better on road. The Burgman has a very strong mid-range and top-end while the NTorq has slightly usable low-end and a good mid-range. The Burgman has the best overall performance while the NTorq is more suited for city duties.

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Considering overall engine performance, the Burgman trumps over the NTorq

The NTorq is quicker off the line while the Burgman has a better top speed

The NVH levels on both the scooters are brilliant but the refinement of the Burgman’s motor is much better than the NTorq. There is no harshness felt in either of the motors but a slight amount of vibrations do kick-in at idle. The Burgman does not really have an exhaust note like the NTorq does. The TVS has a very bassy note and it does sound better on the go. Going all out on the highway and the NTorq’s motor does not feel as comfortable as the Burgman’s does, it’s perfect for highway duties.